New friends

I know it’s been quite some time since I posted, but I have been traveling quite a bit and don’t have a wee laptop. There are a few pics from the trip through Copenhagen which I’ll get up soon.

Søren and I got along like a house on fire, but I could barely make out a word he said in Danish. The nicest moments were standing across the street from Tivoli in the square watching the lights, the wee street performers, and the strange garbage statues in the shapes of crumpled tin cans and cigarette butts. Why?

Murphy’s Law Overturned

Murphy’s Law isn’t the same anymore after Murphy from Gloucester got to take a wee trip around the world for seven months. I’d rather travel with my host family than some stranger, but for those lucky gnomes that get a professional vs. a trouble-maker, the spoils can be rich.

I prefer the BBC coverage, but they didn’t allow me to embed the video.

The only way to travel

As far as I am concerned, this is the only way to travel: tucked within a carry-on shoulder bag on a flight. There is nothing more disturbing than being stuffed into checked luggage, particularly amongst the soiled laundry on the return voyage. I do need to make a particular effort not to be spotted, but it is well worth the risk.

Better take your longies, Jerome

Jerome. What an impressive traveler. I do admit to having a faint pang of jealousy. Antarctica. I’m not a huge fan of the cold and would particularly loathe a bit of frostbite on my nose. However, it would certainly be quite an achievement if Jerome was the first gnome to set foot on the South Pole.

It would be wise to take some gnome-sized longies, or even better, some llamajamas.