If the wee 10 Gnomes isn’t quite up to the speed of your gaming experience, I recently found out there is a gnome mode in Half-Life 2: Episode 2, where you can carry a wee gnome and deliver him to a rocket.

I’ve never played Half Life 2 myself, but any game with a gnome mode gets my vote. I’ll have to put it on my wish list this Christmas, along with a gnome-sized console.

The wee folks over at Concerned created these great gnome scenes.

Point of Gnome Return

My little gnome brain still hurts from trying this puzzle.

One hundred very smart garden gnomes are snatched from their homes by an evil wizard. He tells them he is going to line them all up in a row. They won’t be able to see the color of their own hats or anyone’s behind them, but they will be able to see the hats of the gnomes in front of them. The wizard will start at the back of the line and ask each gnome to guess the color of his own hat. Each gnome can only answer “red” or “blue”. If he gives the wrong answer, he will be led off to work on the wizard’s landscaping for the rest of eternity. If he answers correctly, he will be returned to his own garden.

From the wee folks at Make Magazine.

Game on

I’m not sure how I feel about the game Garden Gnome Carnage. On one hand it offends my pacifist tendencies, and on the other, it is quite entertaining getting back at the populist elves that are slowly taking over the holiday season.

Grab some bricks and whirl the gnome to explosive victory. This holiday, the elves will fly.