Weight watcher

It is becoming increasingly harder watching the waistline now that it has come into berry season. I’m a sucker for a wee little piece of tart or cobbler on a nightly basis. I’ve had to put up some netting to keep the birds away from the patch, though I am nice enough to put out a few consolation picks.

The red currants will make some great jam once they are ready.

Salty Gnome

You should always allow your guests to salt to taste.

Imagine our elation when we discovered this pair of Salt and Pepper Kuchengnomen by the Brooklyn design collective CAKE Decor, who took ordinary kitschy and heightened it to these forward-thinking design pieces. Beyond their obvious everyday functionality, this husband and wife gnome set also make great décor addition to your home. The Kuchengnomen will spread their magical cheer wherever they may lay.

From the wee folks at delight.com.


Seems your little friend has a penchant for the shiny red fruits. We took him to the orchard yesterday, hoping that the fresh air would cure him of the cough he picked up in that questionable restroom facility. However, he would not stop eating the strawberries. After a while, we found him passed out in a basket of them, belching and waving his little red marker around in spastic gestures of intestinal discomfort.

Serves him right. Greed doesn’t pay.