Here we go!

I understand it’s common for humanfolk to swear their allegiance to certain sporting teams, particularly in the winter months when competition reaches a fever pitch. I had so much fun “tailgaiting” for the first time in Pittsburgh. I’m officially a member of the Steelers Nation now, and will be watching the wee game this weekend. Go Steelers!

Gnomes just wanna have fun

I had never been to a music festival before and this past weekend I traveled to Oxegen. Gnomes can be great camping companions as we can watch over tents. It was entertaining for me to observe the humanfolk struggle to survive outside for just a few short days.

Gnomes are known to enjoy a wee tipple now and then, but I was quite surprised by how much drink was about. At my size, one bottle is quite enough. My wee ears are still ringing, though I met many new friends who might just appear on the blog in the next few days.